Firedancing is potentially dangerous. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you shouldn’t be playing with fire. Even assuming my products are without defect and you don’t make any major mistakes, you will probably burn yourself a little at some point, or at least singe some hair. And it is possible (heaven forbid) that you will burn yourself severely using my products. In which case you may decide to sue my ass, and you may well win, but I’m not rich so you won’t collect a big-time judgement against me, although you will ruin my life. I’m not carrying any liability insurance on my firedancing business. I mean, you think my stuff is overpriced now—can you imagine how expensive my products would need to be to cover that? In offering this stuff for sale, I am relying on your good will and reasonableness.

I make every effort to ensure that my equipment is as safe as possible. Please do your part and inspect it regularly for wear and damage. If anything looks suspicious, don’t use it–send it back so I can see what the problem is. If there’s anything you just don’t like, let me know so that I can try to fix it.