Chains & hardware

Except for experienced twirlers who have a special need for cable, I strongly recommend ball-chain, which has a more fluid feel, untangles much easier than anything else, and is generally more pleasant to work with.

Ball-chains: $10/pair

Available in two types: 15-gauge nickel-plated steel (120-lb tensile strength, on left) and 13-gauge stainless steel (115-lb tensile strength, on right). Stainless chains come with stainless attachments, nickel-plate chains come with plain brass attachments. The stainless has a slightly duller sheen and a lighter appearance and feel. Actual weight of the 18″ (45 cm) chains shown is about 1 oz (28 g) for stainless, about 2 oz (54 g) for the nickel-plate. Please see the FAQ for sizing tips. Ball-chain should probably be replaced after 18 months of heavy use. Can be cut to length, or shipped semi-finished, with only one end locked down.

Quicklinks: $2/pair

A light, compact, convenient, and reliable way to attach your wicks to your chains. I recommend carrying a small wrench or pliers for working the nut: this both lets you make it extra-tight, and lets you unscrew it in case it gets tighter than you can loosen by hand. If you don’t carry a tool, check the nut’s tightness very frequently.