Fire fingers

These are available by the pair, but if you are interested in a whole-hand effect, I recommend fire gauntlets, which are functionally equivalent.

Options—please specify when ordering:

  • Finger size (small/medium/large)
  • Wand length (inches beyond the fingertip)
  • Wicking amount (1″ or 2″ bands, length of wrap: 1″×7″ is standard)
  • Which finger (if you plan on wearing these on your thumbs, I have special thumb-sleeves)

Also available as an extra-cost option: no-wire construction for fire-eaters.

Discounts available for multiple sets of finger wands.

Finger wands: $25/pair

A completely different style of firedance, these are small, rigid wands affixed to your fingers, with a small amount of wicking at the end of each wand. Not acrobatic like poi, but can be used for a sinuous, erotic, and hypnotic effect. These will burn for quite a long time, but with a smaller blaze. The ones pictured here measure about 7″ from the fingertip to the end of the wick, but can be made to any length within reason. These are constructed of brass tubes, 1″×7″ wicking, and finger guards made of leather. Please see the FAQ for sizing tips.

Fire Gauntlets: $80

Functionally equivalent to finger wands, but built into a set of gloves, making them faster to don/remove, and giving a little more security. Please note: you will need to supply the gloves. They should be sturdy leather and snug but not skintight. I’ve had good results with buckskin work gloves.