Interleave wicks

From left to right: Mini, Small, Standard, Mega, Monster. Monster shown here with integrated quick-links.

Most customers will be well-served by the Standard or Small wicks–the other sizes are specialty items for experienced spinners. All wicks are made with my “blind-rigged bottom”: there is no exposed hardware on the bottom, reducing the chances of burning yourself through contact with metal.

The following options available with all wicks:

  • Integrated quick-links in place of attachment rings. This lets you subtract about 1 oz and 1″ per chain (or put it back somewhere else). $2 upcharge.
  • Second attachment ring on the bottom for use in double-wick rig. These should be used exclusively as double-wicks. Same price.
  • More or fewer plies of wicking material. Slight upcharge for larger wicks.

Standard wicks: $25/pair

A folded-and-stacked bundle of wicking. Compact, good blaze, burns for 4–9 minutes per light-up (depending on fuel, etc). Almost no non-wicking weight, these weigh about 10 oz (285 g) wet. Roughly cube-shaped, made with two 24″ strips of 2″ wicking per wick. Please see the FAQ for more info.

Small wicks: $23/pair

Identical to the standard wick, except with two-thirds the amount of wicking. Good for people who want something a little lighter without sacrificing much burn-time. About 7 oz wet.

Mini wicks: $22/pair

Made in exactly the same way as the standard wicks, but with wicking material that is half as thick for a smaller, lighter wick. These have short burn times and are less durable. They’re also harder to control because they are so light, but are preferred by spinners with very fast styles or limited upper-body strength. I don’t recommend these for general use.

Mega wicks: $30/pair

Made exactly like a standard wick, but with 2.5″ wicking stock, two 29″ strips per wick. Heavy, big blaze. Recommended only for strong, experienced spinners.

Monster wicks: $35/pair

Made exactly like a standard wick, but with 3″ wicking stock, two 34″ strips per wick. For experienced fire-twirlers only. These are a real handful—very heavy, very big and hot blaze. I strongly recommend that you practice with dummy wicks weighing at least 16 oz each before ordering. Take a look at this comparison of a monster wick to a standard wick.

Just look at it.